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Image of Tracy-Ann Kimber

Hey! I'm So Glad You're Here.

I'm Tracy-Ann. Thanks for meeting up with me!

The most friendly thing someone ever said to me was when I moved countries at age 10. A girl in my new school came up to me and said, "Hi. Do you want to be my friend?" How warming that was to my little heart. We became best friends as we grew up. 

I'd like you and I to be friendly too. We may not agree on everything, but this blog is primarily to discuss God, the bible and make application through shared life experiences. It's about being hopeful in hopeless situations because that's been my journey. It's a positive place. 

I believe there are two big misnomers about God and the bible. One, that the bible's a book of "rules", and two, if God is out there He's either distant, mean or is obligated to be shaped to suit our own personal mental posture. I used to carry these misnomers myself. I've even heard that the bible is a scam. I couldn't disagree more.

My life experience has proven to me that the bible is a life manual, a book of profound truthful instructions from a God of love, mercy and justice. These instructions and guidelines are written for our protection. The words in these pages are alive and active - it's the person of Jesus Christ in written form. Genesis 15:1-2, among other bible references, talks about it directly. I've written an article called, Do We Know Why We Pray? about my understanding of it.

I hope that you'll hang out with me, subscribe, and keep reading, keep seeking. It's free!

I hope that you'll be able to find hope if you're feeling hopeless; gain insight if you're feeling unsure; find understanding if you're searching; take encouragement and warmth wherever you might need; and acknowledge there is so much more to this life than what we can see with our eyes, or sense in the natural. There's no reason to feel defeated.

I hope, if you don't know Jesus Christ, you'll find Him here. You can find out more in my article, Becoming a Follower of Jesus Christ

So, hey, let's launch into something meaningful!

Love Tracy-Ann

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