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My Hope Comes from You, O Lord


Yes, it comes from my love for you

I gift it to you

So that you can be sure of what you hope for

and certain of what you cannot see with your natural eyes.

My love for you embraces all that is good

I plant my hope in you from that place

through my Holy Spirit

When I give you hope it comes from a place of abiding goodness

and graciousness

Hope that doesn't disappoint doesn't come from within yourself

It is the hope I give you for what is good in your life

You can trust it, as you trust in Me

It is not your own hope, which may be futile and wishful thinking

It is hope that springs from a greater source

It is hope cast from a higher position

I tell my secrets to those who fear Me

I will confide in you things you would treasure

if you place me in my rightful place

Fear me alone, not anything or anyone else

Lean not on your own understanding

Acknowledge me, and from there my hope in you is born.

So, you see, from that position, there is your right to believe

- yes, your right as my heir,

and your duty

From there is your justification to continue hoping

Being certain it will not disappoint you.

If anything does disappoint you, it hasn't come from me

So be willing to question its source

before you express your disappointment in me

I never let you down

But your own perspectives often do

My hope is placed in you from my Holy Spirit

Learn my Word

Learn my character

Learn of me

and you won't stumble or fall

Listen to my Holy Spirit who hears from me

and you will never grow weary or have reason to doubt

My sheep know and hear my voice

They follow me and they run after me

Do not doubt

Only believe.


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