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A Lion's Roar

The roar of the lion echoed around me

It disjointed my mind and splayed

my heart

It sent me running helter-skelter

But Lord you have overcome against the enemy that set itself up against the knowledge of God in my life

You have displaced the enemy and now it's he who runs and it is I who roar

I will not hear his hollow threats

I rebuke his vices as you rebuked the wind and the waves

I declare war on fear

It has no voice against me anymore

I declare war on the prospect of failure

It has no jurisdiction over me

The Lord anoints me with oil and puts a song on my lips

The Lord sets my feet and directs my paths

The Lord establishes my mind and the work of my hands

The Lord speaks a word and it is done

The Lord goes before me like a devouring fire and burns up all my enemies

So what does the roar of a lion have over me now?



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