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Prayer of Surrender


This isn’t what I thought you’d allow

I thought you’d have my back

but it feels like you didn’t

I feel let down

Deeply disappointed,


by You!

I don’t put my trust in man

But I do put my trust in you

And you let this happen

Not only that

It seems you orchestrated it

How do I make sense of that?

You say you make all things work together

for our good

I guess that means you’re not finished yet

You have more to teach us

But, oh, this hurts God!

Help us to learn well

You know the plans you have for us

and they’re for good and not for evil

I just ask, because I know you’re gracious

Give me glimpses of you

so I can keep believing in your promises

I don't want to give up

And I don't want to mess up again


I ask for grace to walk the humble path

of accepting when things are unacceptable to my mind

I seek Your peace to sit at the table

You’ve prepared for me

in the presence of my enemies

I call out for Your love to conquer over

the weapons formed against me and mine

because You say they will not prosper

and You tell me to love my enemies

and do good to those who persecute me

despise me

hate me

That seems almost impossible, Lord

I need Your mind and Your heart

to overwhelm my own and cover me

Turn me to Your way of thinking

that the light of Your face would shine on me

and through me

I know now I will be inconvenienced as I follow You

But my surrender is Your open door

to complete the work You started in me

because You are faithful

I won't let the devil turn my mind.

You hold me and you won't let me fall.

Thank you Lord

Psalm 56:8,9

Record my misery; list my tears on your scroll - are they not in your record?

Then my enemies will turn back when I call for help.

By this I will know that God is for me.


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