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Yahweh is My Inheritance & My Cup

We belong to you, Lord God

We are yours to be governed by,

provided for

You, Lord, looks after us in ALL things

great and small

We have nothing to worry about

Nothing to fear

Our lives are fulfilled in Your hand

Your thoughts are ever on me and my household

Your ways are above all else




Therefore, we can trust in You

Lead us by your Spirit

that we would fulfill our days in you

and be content

Shape our thoughts so we will be at peace and assured of where we tread

We are formed by you, outfitted to function according to your design.

Why should we fear anything?

My soul may fear, but I command my soul to be quiet.

My spirit is full of you and you tell me not to fear. You are with us. You go before us and behind us. You will not fail us.

Therefore, I trust in you.

Establish us and keep us in your righteousness. Then I know, we will be glad.

Our future is yours to keep, and to prove.

I am assured in You. You are my hiding place.

Psalm 16:5-9 (Names Of God Bible)

Yahweh is my inheritance and my cup. You are the one who determines my destiny. Your boundary lines mark out pleasant places for me. Indeed, my inheritance is something beautiful. I will praise Yahweh, who advises me. My conscience warns me at night. I always keep Yahweh in front of me. When he is by my side, I cannot be moved. That is why my heart is glad and my soul rejoices. My body rests securely

Psalm 16:5-9 (Complete Jewish Bible)

Adonai, my assigned portion, my cup: you safeguard my share. Pleasant places were measured out for me; I am content with my heritage. I bless Adonai, my counselor; at night my inmost being instructs me. I always set Adonai before me; with him at my right hand, I can never be moved; so my heart is glad, my glory rejoices, and my body too rests in safety;


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