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Triumph Over Tragedy - A Prayer

NO weapon formed against your people shall prosper. All those enemies of the Lord who rise up against us shall fall back. They may come at us from one direction but flee from us in seven. The Lord reigns. Blessed be the Rock of our Salvation.

The Lord has established His throne and His mercies have no end.

When tragedy strikes, we will turn to the maker of all things. The earth groans under the weight of sin but the Lord God has all power and all authority and has given that to us, in Jesus Name, to have victory over sin. Sin keeps people away from God and their hands are stained with blood. They hurt others with their hands and are quick to cause suffering. They know nothing about peace and there is nothing fair in their paths. Their roads are not straight.

But the blood of Jesus speaks for the people made righteous in Him. When the enemy comes in like a flood, The Spirit of the LORD will lift up a standard against him. We declare that Jesus is Lord and will be glorified, even in tragedy. The Lord God will turn our suffering into good, and will take away all shame and fear.

We declare the mind of Christ over our families, our children, and ourselves. We declare the blood of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit that raised Christ from the dead to raise us from the ashes of despair.

Hear our prayers, Lord God. We bind every evil that attacks us and lose the powers of heaven over us in Jesus Name. We declare what you have said in Isaiah 59:21, “And as for Me, this is My agreement with them. My Spirit which is upon you, and My Words which I have put in your mouth, will not leave your mouth, or the mouth of your children, or the mouth of your children’s children,” say the Lord, “from now and forever.”

When tragedy strikes, even then we will praise the Lord for His worth, trusting that you will make all things new, trusting that you bring about good, glorious goodness, in every situation that the enemy means for evil. We trust in you for complete healing, just as Jesus brought when He was on earth to those who reached out to Him. The power of the Holy Spirit is with us and we claim total healing from tragedy - body, soul and spirit.

We receive your beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning and the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness. We receive your grace to those who hurt us. We receive the hope which does not disappoint because you pour your love into our hearts, Holy Spirit.

Your word does not return void, and we release it, in Jesus Name, over every part of us, over every part of our lives. Amen.

Let peace return to you, children. Let peace return to you.


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