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Tender Petals

I'm remembering my sisters of humanity. Women I care for. I can't stop thinking of you. And so I can't remain silent. Silence is inhumane and just as damaging as intentional assault. So, in this tiny way, I hold you.

Israeli women and girls, brutalized, your lives destroyed. Bodies torn and damaged. Hearts bleeding. Minds hijacked. Some released, some remain prisoners of war, all still captive to the assault you've endured.

How do we make sense of such brutality?

I can only run to the Maker of heaven and earth. He breathed his own life into our bodies out of love. I pray the same life will be breathed into yours, my sisters of humanity. New life will be called good again.

As you endured the hands of men, I pray you won't fall victim to your own mind's assault that may speak fear and revenge.

I pray you will arise and shine and know that God's light rises on you, and you may scatter the destruction impaled on you, in finding peace and forgiveness for their grievance against you. I don't know how you humanly do that. But I know God gives us the ability to do what we cannot do on our own.

God knows how to deal with them. Vengeance is mine, says the Lord . He holds you close, and He holds them accountable.

That is where we can find our rest. May you find rest and God's peace.

Romans 12:9-21

Isaiah 60


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