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Let’s Do Launch is running an initiative called The THRESHING FLOOR to help women shake off what is not useful so that what remains is unshakable.

It first began in order to fill a need for single mothers but has quickly developed into something much broader, to include all women who are going through a threshing floor experience in their lives.

Threshing floor experiences are hugely significant times and can span from one season to decades.

Let’s look at what it’s all about.

Historically, threshing floors were open to the elements, where the wheat harvest was brought to thresh the unusable husks from the grain. The wheat would be either pounded by hand tools or trampled by oxen. From there, it would be thrown in the air for the wind to pick up and blow the chaff away, leaving the grain to fall back to the floor. It was where community took place. It was a sweaty, noisy place where hard work took place and something necessary for life was achieved.

Spiritually speaking, the threshing floor is where separation takes place followed by revelation.

The threshing floor is enormously significant in the bible. Many stories centre around the threshing floor. There is much that could be said here, but it would be too lengthy! To summarise the significance of the threshing floor for our purposes, Ruth, an ancestor of Jesus, illustrates a sacrificial willingness at the threshing floor when she goes there to meet her husband-to-be, Boaz. Her story shows the culmination of her refining process that results in her redemption and an amazing inheritance. Jewish tradition tells that Boaz may have been much older than Ruth and tragically, died on their wedding night. From their union, however, she had a son, thereby becoming a single mother within the line of Jesus. She wasn't born into it, she stepped into it from a heart of obedience. Ruth was the great-grandmother of King David. King David built an altar on the threshing floor when he was seeking God for restoration and healing for Israel (2 Samuel 24) and Solomon later built God’s temple on that same threshing floor.

These factors hinge Let’s Do Launch’s initiative for The THRESHING FLOOR; a place where every woman can meet together and thresh; to shake off what is not useful so that what remains is unshakable. It’s a place where altars can be built on what is laid down and threshed authentically; the threshing process brings out something new, strong and nourishing. It's where social barriers are left outside, community happens, raw friendships are forged, and the mess of life is laid bare with fortitude, resolve and awakening. It's where stories of courage are shared, hope is dispensed and purpose is taken away.

On The THRESHING FLOOR life stories are shared and discussed frankly without judgment, lessons learned, the chaff is separated from the grain and then thrown away. It is a place for every woman who is serious and unashamed of seeking and finding restoration through the power of the Holy Spirit.

We come together to learn through testimony.

The word testimony in Hebrew is “aydooth”, meaning ‘do it again with the same power and authority’.

When we listen and take on God's truths and breakthroughs that another woman testifies to from her own story, we are able to duplicate, by faith, what God has done through her. We are saying, God, do it again with the same power and authority in my life. That is the reality of the power of testimony and that is the reason for testimony on the threshing floor.

The THRESHING FLOOR is all about producing refinement and substance, security, healing and hope. Proverbs 29:18 says where there is no prophetic vision or revelation, where people accept no divine guidance, they cast off restraint, they run wild, they perish. But blessed, happy, joyful is the person who heeds divine instruction, who keep keeps God's law.

It takes a willingness to be real on the threshing floor for God to do what He wants to do in our lives. But as we’ve seen above, the threshing floor is built on the altar of God, which then produces healing and restoration. This is my prayer and my belief for every woman who comes to The THRESHING FLOOR.

We must be willing to shake off all that is not good in order for God to fulfil our purpose on this earth. There is great value in being on The THRESHING FLOOR. It is currently being held every month with a different guest joining the conversation.

Click here to register at the events page.


The Threshing Floor is what so many women need today. It is filled with powerful biblical truths that will guide participants to a place of freedom and identity in Christ. Tracy-Ann is authentic and shares from her own life experience. She has a wealth of wisdom but also stays true to God's word and passionately guides people to find their hope and purpose in Christ. 

Becs Green - Lead Pastor, Elim Christian Centre Botany


Tracy-Ann has a passion to see others experience the real and authentic touch of God in their lives. Her writing is personal and honest, bursting with hope, and always points back to the Love of Jesus Christ and the Truth we find in His Word.  

Tanya Oxford - Small Groups Pastor, Elim Christian Centre Botany


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