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Prayer In Adversity

Here’s How I Will Praise You.

Where there is evil, Lord I pray your goodness

For no weapon formed

against us shall prosper.

All those who rise up against

us shall fall, in Jesus Name.

Where there is hatred,

Lord I pray your love

Where there is brokenness,

Lord I pray your healing

Where there is jealousy,

Lord I pray your wholeness

Where there is contention,

Lord I pray your harmony

Where there is anger,

Lord I pray your quiet

Where there is hostility,

Lord I pray your peace

Where there is hopelessness,

Lord I pray your hope

Where there is distress,

Lord I pray your calm

Where there is futility,

Lord I pray your purpose

Where there is anxiety,

Lord I pray your knowledge and understanding

Where there is discord,

Lord I pray your direction

Where there is division,

Lord I pray your unity

Where there is destruction,

Lord I pray your restitution and restoration

Where there is separation, Lord I pray your togetherness

Where there is loss, Lord I pray your anchorage

Where there is mourning and grief, Lord I pray your joy

Where there is heaviness or oppression, Lord set us free,

and I pray your garment of praise clothe us

Where there is weakness, Lord I pray your strength

Where there is foolishness, Lord I pray your wisdom and your counsel

Where there is despair, Lord I pray your revelation

Where there is unrest, Lord I pray victory and trust in you

Where there is sickness, Lord I pray your wellness

Where there is deceit, Lord I pray your truth and knowledge

Where there is darkness, Lord let there be light

Where there is damage, Lord I pray your renewal

Where there is confusion, Lord I pray your discernment and clarity

Where there seems to be no way, Lord make a way.

Forgive us for our sins, Lord. Help us to forgive others. Let there be nothing in me or my household that the accuser can speak against us.

Lead us out of trouble, deliver us from evil, grant us well-being and victory in our circumstances, Lord. Cause us to be righteous and without guile in the face of adversity, and help us to walk in your peace and courage.

We push back evil, in Jesus Name. We abolish every stronghold, argument and pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God in our lives. Every word of condemnation spoken against us, we condemn, in Jesus Name. This is my heritage as a servant of you, Lord God. Thank you that you reign.

I pray these things because I know they are according to your law and your will. I pray them in the name of Jesus. May you establish these words.

Thank you that you hear my prayer.


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