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Prayer of Declaration: My Standing in Christ

The truth is this:

You, Lord Jesus, are the glory and the lifter of my head.

You created me in my mother’s womb; in secret places you formed me; even before the earth came into being you created me and a time in history for me. You have received me even as I am in my sinful state and have made a covenant with me to complete the work you began in me. You have accepted me and placed me where I am; doing what I’m doing; becoming who I’m becoming; working at what I’m to complete for you; speaking the way I’m speaking; loving the way I’m loving.

As I do all things in you, I am reflecting the way you do things more and more; I am open and surrendered to all of your work in me. I receive you and your work in me. Your work is thorough and beautiful and you make me beautiful and complete.

To those who would reject me, or not receive me, I bless in Jesus Name and leave them to you. You are making a way in the wilderness for me; streams in the desert.

A garden from the wasteland. I was in ruins; I was desolate but you have renamed me and reidentified me. I am your living testament. You will fulfill all that you've said.

Even though I feel like a million broken pieces, You bring wholeness to my life. Where there was disappointment, resentment, disillusionment, hopelessness, and apathy, you bring hope, new dreams, purpose, redemption and restoration. You establish the work of my hands. Your Name Lord, is to be praised. I am made WHOLE in you. You place my feet on solid ground; You rebuild my foundations with precious gems and count me blessed, and worthy in Your Name.

I love you Lord Jesus.

Prayer of Declaration: Bible Scriptures


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