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Prayer of Salvation

I repent Lord Jesus Christ for my sin. You are the Saviour of the world. I thank you for loving me so much that you died for me, and rose again to life, taking the power of sin and death away, and giving me a way out of that.

Forgive me for my sin, my rebellion against you, and cleanse me. Relinquish me from all that’s gone on in the past and help me to start living a new life that is based on your truth and your love for me. I make you LORD of all in my life.

Thank you that you have now washed me clean of all the lies that have blinded me and the way I’ve lived. I ask you to transform my heart and my mind, and I ask that your Holy Spirit fill me and seal me to your Name forever.

Thank you that I am free to live out of joy and peace. I am free to live a life without fear. I am free to live a life of value and worth. I am free to live a life of healing, because you have given me that. I am also free to live in victory over obstacles in my life and I pray you show me how and give me hope and perseverance as I grow in you, in Jesus name! Amen.


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